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Don't Shiver​.​.​.

by West End Motel

Well, I stayed around this place too long Things went wrong and I was gone You'll never break this heart of stone Break this heart of stone Well, I must of died a thousand times Cuz, I know I've lived a thousand lives You'd think by now I'd get it right Maybe in the next life... Don't Shiver, You're a Winner She took me in from out of the cold Now, I'll never find that heart of gold But the Devil called me Tommy He was my only friend Took me by the hand as he led me Down the wrong path again
Up in Smoke 02:54
up in Smoke is where my money goes through my hands and sometimes up my nose I drank a bottle of gin with my old man he taught me how to swim and run away from my problems I saw an old friend of mine he said you've gotta get it right no more stayin' out all night and crawlin' home in the morning I took a look in the mirror I cannot get any higher When will all this end When will all this end
Well you buy the drinks and I will buy the train fare you ask was it worth it? You say that it ain't fair. She's on Fire It's a simple world for me Just magazines and TV nights and papers ink pens and reading She's on Fire So bring on the audience I'm ready to jump this fence I'll sing a song or two and make them scream for you Now we're on Fire
under my skin baby that's where you've been and under my heart and it's tearing me apart and I'm crying over you
If you take the time my friend I will pay you dearly If it works out in the end I will make you wealthy I don't know much better Yes, things have changed I live my life a different way I sieze it every day I like it alot If you laugh at all my jokes I'll give you a rose I will plant a big fat kiss right upon your nose Now I got you naked I will show you how to dance I can be a better man give me one more chance I like it alot
There was this young girl that I loved for so long She drove me to drink and I knew I'd never get her Now all that I've got is this silly old song I'll probably drink and sing it forever There was this young boy who just didn't belong He said I'll figure this out and make myself better Now all that I need are some songs of my own I'll write them and sing them and scream them forever Why can't we fix this and just get along She said, I'm moving directions You know that I won't let her Please clean your conscience and let me write these wrongs I'll probably drink and sing it forever I'll write them and sing them and scream them forever
we are here to entertain you we are here to make you think we're not here to make a name so raise your glass and have another drink days are flying by, most people making me sick days are flying by, I'm getting old real quick and I can't find me right from wrong It's my time to keep moving on
Highwaters 04:55
I saw you there with those highwaters on Drinkin' alone singin' our songs I'd ask you to dance, but can't take the chance So, I'll be leavin' alone So hold me, Touch me I won't say a word I saw you there with those highwaters on It seems that's all you own so lovely at night well, I'll get it right Baby, It's time to go home Now here I stand with my hands in my pants Once again I am wrong I'll get it right, I'll use all my might Baby, It's time to go home Why don't you go and get comfortable I'll be singin' our song When will you return When will I learn Baby it's time to go home Why don't you go?


This Album is Dedicated to the Memory of Brad Hinds

Produced by West End Motel
Recorded by Ed Rawls - The Living Room - Atlanta
Mixed by David Barbe - Chase Park Transduction - Athens
Mastered by Drew Vandenberg
Under My Skin - Recorded by Paul McQuillan - 2002


released March 15, 2011

All Songs written by Cheshire/Shina
except Under My Skin (Cheshire/Hinds), Forgiveness (Shina), and obviously Last Caress (Danzig)

West End Motel - 2008-2011

Tom Cheshire - Vocals
Mike Shina - Piano, Guitar, Bells/ Background Vocals
Brent Hinds - Lead Guitars/Vocals
Ben Thrower - Acoustic Guitar/Background Vocals
Stiff Penalty - Bass Guitars
Mark Carbone - Drums/Percussion

Drew DeMan - Accordian
George Wallace - Pedal Steel
Jefferey Butzer - Piano, Melodica
Karen Rugg - Background Vocals
Paul McQuillan - Bottle Slide - Under my Skin


all rights reserved



West End Motel Atlanta, Georgia

West End Motel is a musical collective from Atlanta, GA. Sharing over 15 years together in light and in darkness. These boys play because they have no other choice. For the losers... for the down and out... for salvation.... for damnation. For Forgiveness... For their own collective conscience. Days turn to nights, then daylight again. All from the heart. All for you... ... more

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